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Which recording Aprelsky in 2010h years


Dancing of world tribes.mp3

Spanish dance, Arabian dance, African dance, Indian dance,
Injun dance. Everybody is dancing! Ethnic, shamanic and nature-trance.
Debut promoMix for Maine stage.




Aprelsky-Smoke spirit of Gimalai

This mix was created a long winter’s night in the center of Moscow. Then the mind has expanded its borders and flew away to the mountains.
The mix shouts to you: «Remove apartments border! Expand your worlds!»

Dub and cillout




This mix has been specially created for «Psy-radio». It includes
the sounds of the universe, the cosmos, the Great Void and humans.




Light of beauty.mp3

The reason for making this a pleasant mix was my friend’s birthday Tatiana director.
Light of beauty everywhere — let’s see it together!

Chillout, Ambient, Psycill, Ethnic, Psybient



East Dreams

By this mix I wanted to say thanks to the eastern land, mountains, sea, desert, spiritual, wise and its people opened hearts.

Chillout, Ethnic, Trible, Psy



Morning smile

Special morning trance — Best morning the battery.
Attention! If you listen to the mix behind driving — there is a danger overspeed !

Goa-trance, Psy-trance



Story about love

This mix was created in the New Year’s Eve on the shores of the Red Sea. Then I opened the Anahata Chakra and the hands themselves selected the desired tracks. When I return to Moscow a mix was ready 🙂

Chilout, Ambient, Jazzy, Trible


Tracks for pilot album

2013-08-05 15.52.04


We enjoyed Chiang Mai city in Thailand together with dj Alex 3 Paganky then was bourn Bali — remix. Take Just one lovely song based on Bali ethnic music.

Ethnic, Trible




I liked the film «Baraka», especially the episode where the shaman interact with the tribe gives a funny sound. And I decided to do a remix. I made samples and first played together with Gleb DoyDaDoom festival Sisto. It was in a jam format, and people liked it. One year later, on Koh Phangan island, inspired by the dart-trance, I made this version of the track.


2013-08-05 16.07.01


This track is my latest mantra. Since 2012 I not use these.