P1240043Slava Aprelsky was born in Siberia in 1976. In 2006 he introduced with psychedelic music. The song «Star Shpongled Banner» talented project Shpongle changed his life for good and all. 2 weeks after he went to Goa. There he traveled a lot by India, he met with goa-trance and he waked up in reality at first.

After return to Russia psychedelic music started to become a part of his life. Finally he decided to collect the best. Two years later he realized that he wants to share music with other people. And six months later he learned the music management technology and began DJ.

Interesting note: Slava was no innate sense of rhythm and audition — the components that many of us have, and without which it’s so difficult to imagine any DJ performance. Slava had musical feel and also It was necessary throughout the years to train hard, to listen music over time, to practice with the remote control and one day the result is came._2__dsc00066

In 2008, the first major set on the boat near the Sinai Island. The audience was different styles. Aprelsky was very worried how the unprepared audience will take trance music, many of them listened trance for the first time in their life. Missing all fears he ascended to the DJ desk. In that evening on the dance floor was not free space. DJ recalls that period:

«Psychedelic music is different. Dark psy-trance can scare, so I make a bet on the good, bright, positive tracks. The people flock to the bright trance as a bees to honey.»

Next 4 years Slava performed at major Russian festivals: Sisto, Space of Joy, Trimurti, Kalevala. He became a resident, organizer of the festival «In the Sun» and «Daoshi» and spent an active musical life until the beginning of 2013, when in dsc00069Goa was broken computer with all materials and sources.  DJ decided to take a break and went to the next trip to Asia. At this time to find a spiritual way he opened Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bali. That trip brought big changes in his life, the work especially:

«When you play on stage you speak by music with numerous dance people,
you get a lot of energy, it’s like addiction — you think you’re the central person and this cultivate a feeling of importance. The 3 year break was for me a kind of study of humility, and it gave an opportunity to rethink my work which I did, to see the dark side of the music and clean it.»

After a 3 year break in 2015 Slava  Aprelsky decided to return to DJ career. Fortunately Sisto Festival just started:

«2 days before the start I wrote a letter to the organizers and I said take me to the lineup. Of course the lineup has already been approved, I was refused. Then my letter saw the man who knew me, and he insisted that I play at Chillout scene.»


Moses mountain, Sinai

DJ Aprelsky creates a real musical journey. All tracks are united by one common idea, mixing beautiful psy-trance, crazy ethnic rhythms, hot middle-trance and high sounds of the universe. Every trip he plays is unique and never to be repeated. Slava tells about his sets:

«Every time when I play at the party I try to be a guide for the audience. I make sound trip that give to the people an incredible joy and delight experience. There I slowly rev up to 150 beats per minute, and at one point there comes a state BOOOOOM! Explosion… and all around us merger into an one common dance, in the dance of the Universe, in the dance of nature, when the words are not necessary, when it doesn’t matter that has been or will be. There are just here and now. And these feelings are perfect!»

DJ Aprelsky combines the echoes of ancient cultures with modern electronic sound. Through the music he invites us to to feel experience of wandering he had traveled by Asia, Middle East and Russia.

Slava tends to be free conscious creator. In the business he do native advertising deals, based on same principles.